About Cherry
Cherry was established and incorporated in 1979 by Mr. Wong in Hong Kong. It has been running under the same ownership since the establishment. We started as a small size plastic packages printer and has grown to be the most well known plastic film printers in Hong Kong. Over the years, we tried our best effort to distinguish ourselves from the competitors.
We decided to improve our process to take more challenging business and high quality requirements. It makes us the biggest difference with other competitors within the industry. Our believes in continued improvement became part of our success. Otherwise, We will not so steady now.
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A lot of milestones were reached during these years and one of the most important among the all was started business relationship with our customer many years ago. We greatly appreciate to be part of your business and it has been a joyful to work with you. Many valuable experiences were obtained during the long period of time working relationship. These experiences realized our commitment to continue our improvement in business pattern and quality activities.
We have three locations: The Administrative and Sales Office is located in Hong Kong and, the 1st Factory is located in Dongguan, China, which is 80 kilometers away from Hong Kong. This factory started to operate in 1991. The total working areas are 200,000 SQ.FT. And the 2nd Factory is same located in Dongguan, China, which is 5 minutes away from the first. This factory started to operate in 1999. The total working areas are 75,000 SQ.FT.

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